[bsk] Hextech Nasus (robot)

[bsk] Hextech Nasus (robot)

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My 1.Skin ever made^^
comment please and say how can i improve it
Hextech nasus: particles for spells(including ultimate), spell icons, ingame images and sound in championselction.
download it and extract somewhere :)
(if needed)download the lastest version of SIU:
run and wait till it finished updating etc, and drag and drop the folder "Air Files" into skin installer. it will say added 6 files(skipped 0). ure not done yet: do the samge with the folder "game". added 26files. if it asks for filed found in mult folders take the first allways. now ure done adding files. name is not really important
now go to ==install existing skins== tick the skin and click install.
installed 32files
if u want it u CAN(not realy needed ingame)add the pics of manual:
go to ure riot games folder and search: nasus and replace the the pics which are still of the old nasus with the pics of manual.
put nasus mp3 to
C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\rads\projects\lol_air_client\releases\\deploy\assets\sounds\en_US\champions if ure euw. idk where if ure anywhere else :P its only for 1 sound XD

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